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    I MAY Software is a software company, famous with image and security related fields, Provide high quality Virtual Reality and interesting image animation and manipulation software products.

   The following shows our released software products, It's all pure software. If you are hardware vendor or product channel and you are interesting with any our products, You are welcome to contact us.

PanoGuard is an amazing new surveillance system base on TCP/IP, Provide no Blind-Spot monitoring by using Fisheye Lends and our Panoramic Engine. Support 4 Channel real-time surveillance simultaneous.



Fisheye Player
: A 360 degree Omni Direction Photo Viewer. Create Panorama By Using Single Fisheye Lens Created Image, Not Stitching Required. Fisheye Player also provide WINDOWS/JAVA Applet export solution.   


PhotoRap Version 2.0 Volume 1, add more useful function and includes 60 Animation Filters, Allows you , ProtoRap is in Beta stage now:

(1) Create Web Page (2) Export Video To AVI File, (3) Create Screen Saver, (4) Create WIN32 Executable File. (5) Create animation in Microsoft Office document.

If you are interest to be our agent at your native control, Contact us please.



I MAY Advanced DICOM Image Processing System, Includes 100+ Image Processing filters. And DICOM V3 Compatible.